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Spout it out!

Our Spout range of Sexual Wellness products includes our 2-in-1 Pocket Enema and our Lube Shooter. Both designed to help with your sexual prep time so you can let loose under the sheets with no restraints! Unless you like restraints...

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Slap Happy Endings

You'll love our 2-in-1 Paddle/Dildo combo. This toy will make you purr from every orifice.

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Lube Job?

Lost your sexual spark plug? Jump-start that stalled libido with a fresh new tune-up and reignite your engine without the fear of overheating! Silicone parts only!

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Ring Toss

Just a quick toss in the hay? You won't miss out with this ring! Comfort, stretch, and lots of games to be had with this perfect one size fits all ring.

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DEMON KAT est 2022

With 25 years of combined design experience, Demon Kat founders Rob & Buck aim to provide a completely new space and experience for our Demon Kat customers.